Ron Howard Taking Over Star Wars Project

On June 21st, Lucasfilm announced a parting of the ways with directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The rumors going around was Lord and Miller left the untitled Han Solo spin off after creative differences with producer Kathleen Kennedy.

According to The Hollywood Reporterthese claims are true. Lord and Miller had different creative ideas then what was presented in the script. Well of course the studio wants to stick with the script that’s written by Lawrence Kasdan.

Now Ron Howard is set to direct the film. How do I feel about this? Honestly this Han Solo project is just going to be generic. Howard is a legend when it comes to directing but, can he pull it off? Is he going to put his own take or just work what the studio wants? If he put’s his own vision to it then I would be interested in the project more.

Do we need Han Solo’s backstory? Does everything need to be explained now a days? One of my favorite parts of the Star Wars universe is the mystery to it. You don’t know what most of the stuff presented to you. It get’s people’s imagination going on different media.

I applaud Lord and Miller for sticking up with what they wanted to do. They wanted to do their own vision and try to make the film unique. Directors never seem to get their own vision out there because the studio know’s that the name Star Wars will sell tickets no matter what.

What does everyone think about this? Will Howard put a different vision to it or is the studio going to keep pushing their agenda? I would like to know what you think!


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