Card Subject To Change (2010)

This documentary follows various professional wrestlers that do not work for WWE or TNA. These wrestlers work on the independent wrestling circuit which means they can work for as many companies as they would like.

Director: Tim Disbrow

Cast: Kevin Sullivan, Johnny Falco, Michael Verdi, Everett Titus, Lacey Von Erich

MPAA Rating: N/A

Fun Fact: The promotion featured in the film, National Wrestling Superstars, went out of business in 2012.

I was browsing through HULU the other night looking for a documentary to watch. Documentaries are one of my favorite things to watch because you can always learn something from it. You can always take something useful after you watch one so to speak. I stumbled on Card Subject to Change. I’m a huge wrestling and movie fan so it looks like the perfect mix.

It’s a very interesting documentary to say the least. It gives you a behind the scenes look on how an independent promotion is running on a day to day basis. Once and a while a documentary will go behind the scenes for a wrestling promotion but, not really like this film shows you. Johnny Falco tells the filmmakers and viewers various topics of interests. One thing I found interesting was on how much it costs to bring talent in. It could cost twenty to a couple of thousand dollars! That’s something I never really knew about.

Another nice thing about this film is you get to see all the different types of people that work in the wrestling industry. You see the up and comers who want to try the business out, the old timers that are still in the industry, the talented performers that can’t get a break in the big leagues, and sadly the people that can’t conquer their personal demons. We see wrestlers as characters but, you really don’t know the real side of them outside of the ring. The people featured get a chance to talk about their personal lives as well.

Overall if you are a wrestling fan or not I still recommend it. You get a behind the scenes look at the business and get to see the real people behind their wrestling characters. Give it a look on HULU.

Verdict: Hit


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