Hello and welcome to the site! I’m a massive film fan that loves talking about movies. Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by the movies and it was Leonard Maltin and guide books that inspired me to write film reviews.

The site is pretty simple, after every movie I watched it get’s reviewed. While most of the reviews are past releases, I also try to focus on newer titles as well when I get a chance to see them. I’ve also started getting into reviewing television series as well.

My review system is pretty basic. Instead of stars I have this to rate the movies:

Hit: See it.

Miss: Don’t see it.

Middle Ground: While not horrible or good, it’s a mixed review. If I saw it in theater then it might be best to wait for it on rental options.

I hope you enjoy the reviews! Every movie I watch will get reviewed so it’s a wide range of new releases and past movies!

Reviews go live Tuesday and Friday. There might be a bonus article if I can fit it in!

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