90’s Month!

August is 90’s month! I’ve just posted a review of Mortal Kombat so make sure to check it out! Like I’ve stated before every movie this month will be a product from the 90’s. Like always I’m open to requests and suggestions!  

Coming August 2017…..90’s Month!

Hey everyone, I wanted to share something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. For a while I’ve been wanting to do a theme month even on my old site. I just never really got around to do it so to speak. So this August I’ll be doing 90’s month! That’s right every […]

Back After A Brief Hiatus

Hey everyone sorry for the lack of updates the last few days. I competed in a kettlebell competition over the weekend and I was focusing on the last few days of training for it. I hope you enjoyed the Doug Bradley article that I posted a few days ago. It was something that I wanted […]

Movie Challenge!

I’ve had an idea of doing this for quite a while now and now I think I’ll be actually doing this. I just did an inventory count of all the DVD’s that I own. I ended up with a count of 308 of them. I know that I have more somewhere else but, I feel […]

A Few Projects In The Works

Hey everyone and happy 4th! I hope you’re enjoying a fun and safe holiday today! Now down to business. I hope you’re enjoying the written reviews. It’s been a lot of fun watching and reviewing all of the films so far and I wish I could do even more but, with a day job and […]

What I’m Working On

Hey everyone I hope you enjoyed the horror double feature! While I will admit horror is my favorite genre, I just don’t want to cram a bunch of those reviews. What I’m trying to do is post at least one review under each genre. Then I will be going back and doing more reviews on […]

Ron Howard Taking Over Star Wars Project

On June 21st, Lucasfilm announced a parting of the ways with directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The rumors going around was Lord and Miller left the untitled Han Solo spin off after creative differences with producer Kathleen Kennedy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, these claims are true. Lord and Miller had different creative ideas then what […]