The Thick-Walled Room (1956)

A group of Japanese soldiers are imprisoned for their crimes during World War II. Director: Masaki Kobayashi Cast: Kô Mishima, Torahiko Hamada, Keiko Kishi, Toshiko Kobayashi MPAA Rating: N/A Fun Fact: Shelved for four years due to the content in the film about the war. I was browsing my local library again looking for interesting […]

Vampyr (1932)

Allan Grey (Julian West) is a drifter obsessed with the supernatural. While on a journey he comes to a village that is under attack from a vampire. Director: Carl Theodor Dreyer Cast: Julian West, Maurice Schultz, Rena Mandel, Sybille Schmitz, Jan Hieronimko MPAA Rating: N/A Fun Fact: Julian West offered to finance the film in […]

The Seventh Seal (1957)

Antonius Block (Max Von Sydow) returns back to Sweden after ten long years fighting in the Crusades. Sweden has been hit with the Black Plague and Death (Bengt Ekerot) has come for Block all when Block is questioning the existence of God. Director: Ingmar Bergman Cast: Max Von Sydow, Gunnar Bjornstrand, Bengt Ekerot, Nils Poppe, […]

The Wave (2008)

A high school teacher (Jurgen Vogel) decides to do an experiment for his class. He does a demonstration to show what living under a dictatorship is like. It soon goes on a different path when the students decide to take more control of it. Director: Dennis Gansel Cast: Jurgen Vogel, Frederick Lau, Max Riemelt, Jennifer […]