Encounter In The Air (2020)

Blerim works at a television station and is down on his luck after a few events in his life. He meets someone that claims he has mental issues for a interview side project.

Director: Ardit Sadiku

Cast: Herton Meta, Todi Kasemi, Auron Mimaj, Sebina Matlija, Sajmir Pepushaj

MPAA Rating: N/A

Fun Fact: Had a US screening at the Cobb International Film Festival in Georgia.

Films from Albania have been a feature on this site this year as I had started to enrich my viewings in world film. I have seen some impressive work from many different countries that I did not know had a movie making culture. Director Ardit Sadiku has had a run of quality film making that I have highly enjoyed, and this is the third film that I will be reviewing of his. Encounter In The Air is the latest feature of his.

The story tells us a man named Belrim, played by Herton Meta that is down on his luck. A dispute with his neighbor has landed him on probation and living with his sister and young nephew. Blerim works at a television station where the work and wages are inconsistent. Blerim meets Drin, played by Todi Kasemi, is a young man that claims he has a mental illness. Drin hires Blerim to air an interview on the television station that he works at telling his story and hoping that another country that will grant him asylum so he can leave his situation behind.

Sadiku who wrote the script, gives us two interesting stories behind our two lead characters. Blerim works a job that does not have much going on other than working on the television station’s wires. Once he gets his camera out and interviews Drin, a type of artist comes out of him and he gets involved with the project. You get hopes for Blerim that this project will succeed because you want to see him get out of his situation and maybe this will lead for more opportunities for him. Drin on the other hand has an interesting story as well. The viewers get his story of having a mental illness which Drin definitely believes that he has. Others on the other hand question it and say he is faking it just to get media attention. When these two characters meet, the acting between Meta and Kasemi is fantastic. I loved the scenes of them talking to each other and got invested in the project that was being presented.

After viewing Sadiku’s style in his previous two films, it shines in this film as well. Once again, I loved the fact there was little music in the film. We are able to focus on the characters and what they are saying to each other. It brings out a different kind of emotion that you do not really see in film that has music in it. The landscapes are beautiful, and the scenery really shines through terrific camera work. The cinematography is smooth with an added bonus touch of natural lighting. Seeing all of this on screen makes me want to visit the filming locations to really see how amazing it really is.

Another thing that makes Saduku’s films a must see is the realism that he puts in his messages. His films have elements that make them relatable and this time it is media bias. I do not get political on this site due to it not being what it is, but he makes a point here. The media in our lives pick and chooses the topics and there are many sides to the stories. It can create unity or division in certain aspects. There is a twist that involves with the television studio that will leave you thinking. The whole film gave me a different view on how to view things once and a while.

Overall, Encounter In The Air is another must see film from Ardit Sadiku and he is becoming one of my favorite directors today. His films have a certain realism to them that you do not see in Hollywood pictures. This film talks about real subjects and it will leave you thinking. Herton Meta and Todi Kasemi are fantastic in their roles and those scenes where they are filming the documentary are the best parts in the film. Great cinematography brings out the beauty of the filming locations and the little music brings a different emotion that you do not see in most films. Encounter In The Air is available now on Amazon Prime and I highly suggest you give it a rental and help support independent film.

Verdict: Hit


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