December Plans

Hey Everyone!

Hope all is well like always. I hope you have enjoyed the last few articles as they were fun to write. I’ve got some December plans.

Preproduction for the YouTube show is underway. Still looking for co-host’s. If your in the Seattle area and would like to be part of it, just send me a message and we’ll get together and talk things through.

With the final film in the Skywalker saga, I’ll be reviewing every live action Star Wars film. At the end of the reviews ill have my rankings. The first review is coming up soon so stay tuned for that!

As it’s the season, I’m going to try and get a few Christmas movies in as well. I’m not sure how much due to the Star Wars reviews, but I’m gonna try and get at least one of them in.

That’s a wrap for now as I’ve git some work to do. Like always thank you for your continued support!


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