New Schedule Format

Hey Everyone!

Hope all is well. I’ve got two new reviews up over the weekend so be sure to check those out.

I’ve figured out a schedule that will probably be the standard going forward. Reviews will be up Tuesday and Friday. The Tuesday review will be an older movie and the Friday review will be a newer one. I’m currently sorting things out and I have quite a bit of DVD/Blu-Ray/VHS. So the Tuesday review will help me decide what to keep or get rid of after I finish watching them.

Remember back in the day where Tuesday was the home release and Friday the new releases came out? Still kinda like that today but streaming is a bit different. Kind of the vibe I want to have here.

Thank you for the support and will see you soon!


One thought on “New Schedule Format”

  1. Yep! Old enough to remember going to the local mom-and-pop video store for newly released VHS’s and picking a rental based on the cover alone, knowing nothing about the movie 😉

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