Update 8/11/2022

Hey Everyone!

I just realized that the last post I made was back in January and wanted to give a quick update on what has been going on. I know I’ve said multiple times that I was going to be getting back into reviews again and this is true. Right now I have something in the works that will be done in the next few days.

For the last couple of months or I should say year, I have been focusing on some big changes in my personal life and needed to take a break and take care of what has been going on. Plus I was honestly getting a bit burned out and felt like it was becoming a chore/job. Now that those affairs have been better sorted I’m going to hammer out some reviews. I’ll be committed to getting at least one review done a week. Most likely on Fridays. If I can fit another one in my schedule I will but going forward Friday’s will be the new release date.

If you have stuck around I’m very grateful for your patience! See you soon!



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