Happy 2022

Hey everyone!

Happy 2022. May this year bring you happiness and health. I know I haven’t been on here literally at all for the longest time but this year I’m making a much needed effort. A lot has happened in the last six months with both my health and personal life that I had to attend to.

I just want to state this now to get the elephant out of the room. This is no place for politics or judgment on certain things. Back in August I tested positive for Covid. I got hit pretty good and it took me a few weeks to get back to normal. So I spent most of the year recovering both mentally and physically and needed a much needed break. Now that it’s a new year it’s time to get back to work as I realized I have only written one review in the past year. I have a project in the works with some one I’ve been working with in the last year so be on the lookout for that.

Stay well,



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