The Great Father (2020)

When a devastating earthquake hits Portugal in 1755, the guardian of the people has fallen ill. A new ruler steps in to lead the people.

Director: Tiago Abubakir

Cast: Ivone Biscaia, Ana Catarina, Lima, Eduardo Pereira, Luiz Humberto Campos, Humberto Campos

MPAA Rating: N/A

Fun Fact: A student made production from Brazil

2020 in film reviewing for me has been rich. I have seen many films this year from various countries from passionate filmmakers from different countries from around the world. With Hollywood being very hit or miss with me, I look to independent films to get my movie fix. 2020 has also been a year of many firsts as this time this is the first short film that I have viewed and have done review work on.

The Great Father is a high school film production from Brazil. Film students Tiago Abubakir who is the film’s director, and Luiz Humberto Campos, the writer, teamed up to produce this seven-minute feature with a budget of less than five hundred dollars. The film is split into four parts that show what happens after the earthquake and the aftermath through different characters. It gives a unique perspective to see the different views from these characters. All of the performers do a great job with the material and all of them show confidence in front of the camera. The delivery of their lines is well delivered and there is not any hesitation from the performers. Director Tiago Abubakir gets the right performances from all of the performers.

The set locations and the costumes are fantastic as well. The costumes really bring out the time period that the film takes place. The filming locations take us to a different time era and the camera work captures these areas and moments well. Offscreen there are some violence and while it is still offscreen it is still shot effectively. There are moments of tension that are effectively filmed and have the right music it to it to elevate it. These production values are high for a film like this.

Overall, The Great Father is a great short film from passionate film students. It is a well-directed and written piece that has some great acting, and tension. I really hope they continue to make films in the future. The story is there for a full feature length film that hopefully we get to see in the future.

Verdict: Hit


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