April 19 Update And Shout Out

Hey Everyone!

I hope your all staying healthy and well. We have been having nice weather here in Washington state as of late and trust me with a stay at home order still in effect it’s tempting to go out and do outdoor activities. Good thing I live on five acres of land and have a vegetable garden to attend to!

So I have decided to do a series review of James Bond. For someone that never really got into the series in the first place it will be completely fresh for me going into these movies. You will get at least one review of a James Bond film a week. I don’t want to burn myself out like I did with Star Wars which I’m hoping to get back on in a few weeks. Besides there is way more James Bond movies! I’m still working on independent features as well so if I keep pumping out James Bond reviews I’m going to get really burnt out from all the work that I would get behind on.

Today’s shout out goes to Joel at Joel Watches Movies. Sometimes all you need is nice a quick reviews to get an opinion on things. Joel has many reviews and has them nicely categorized by different categories. Give him a look at : joelwatchesmovies.wordpress.com


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