Trailer Corner: Black Widow

I’m going to admit, I really behind on Marvel films. There are so much of them that at the time I was suffering from burnout from them all. It isn’t just Marvel, it’s all super hero movies as well. The thing that gets me out of the burnout stage is actually seeing the film or watching the trailer.

The trailer for Black Widow was just released, and like I said I have to catch up on where the characters are in the cinematic universe. Besides that point let’s view the trailer as what it’s marketed as, a stand a lone film.

It looks good as most Marvel films go. The effects and the production look top notch. I will admit I’m a Scarlett Johansson fan and of the Marvel movies I’ve seen with her in it, I enjoyed her performances. The interesting thing is there will be two female super hero movies in the summer of 2020. This one and Wonder Woman 1984, which will set up some interesting competition.

Black Widow is set for a May 1, 2020 release.


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