Hey Everyone!

I know it’s been a bit but, I’ve got some big projects I want to tackle for this site. I’ve been slammed at work for a while and now things are finally cooling down.

I just got four grocery bags full of movies donated to me with more on the way. So I really don’t have an excuse on having nothing to watch. That brings me to my movie challenge of watching everything I own. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for quite sometime.

Another project I’ll be working on is fan guide/review books. It would be ten essential films that everyone should see from one fan to another. It will be about a certain topic or genre.

I’m looking for a co-host for a YouTube show. It will be in the style of Siskel and Ebert. While there are tons of review shows on YouTube it’s something I’ve always been interested in.

You can see I’ve been busy coming up with projects for the site. I’m hoping to finish off the year strong and have 2020 being the best year for the site ever. I can’t wait to share it all with you and thanks again for stopping by!


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