The Fanatic (2019)

Moose (John Travolta) is a huge fan of actor Hunter Dunbar (Devon Sawa) and his films. When Hunter blows Moose off when he asks for an autograph, Moose decides to take matters into his own hands.

Director: Fred Durst

Cast: John Travolta, Devon Sawa, Ana Golja, Jacob Grodnik, James Paxton

MPAA Rating: R for some strong violence, and language throughout

Fun Fact: Reported as the worst movie opening of John Travolta’s career.

I just want to clear this before I go anywhere further in the review: John Travolta and Limp Bizkit producing a movie together. We are in the year of our Lord 2019 and never in a million years would I have thought of writing both of those names in the same sentence.

Anyways this movie is horrible. I mean horrible in so many ways that some of it is funny horrible and some of it is, well just horrible. It’s not the worst film I have ever seen in fact it isn’t even close to that. What this movie suffers is how boring it is. For a suspense thriller it has no suspense, no edge of your seat thrills, and by the time that it’s over, you won’t care about what just happened. For example the climax is all over the place I really couldn’t understand what was going on. In fact the whole movie is that way! Some of the characters make the most stupid decisions that you will scratch your head and think what were they thinking. The script also wants us to decide if we should feel bad for Hunter Dunbar or Moose. That’s hard because Hunter Dunbar goes over the top in being mean to Moose, and Moose is the stalker so it’s hard to sympathize with him. These stalker films only exist because of the fact they’re cheap and easy to make.

John Travolta plays Moose, a massive film fan that has Autism and does he go balls to the wall in this performance. It’s been rumored that he likes to participate in over the top roles and by all means go for it. I didn’t mind the fact the character had Autism (it takes quite a bit for me to get offended by entertainment because it’s an art form) but, I could see people thinking that this film portrays someone with Autism in the wrong light. I think it would’ve been funnier if the Moose character was this egotistical wannabe actor that all he wants to do is impress Hunter Dunbar and he thinks everything is an act. I think if Durst went with that direction I could buy it as a B-movie thriller.

A few things that didn’t make sense was the use of a narrator. Why was it needed in a picture like this? It’s a pretty basic film so we don’t need any explanation. One scene shows Moose try and stand up to himself from a street performing bully and that apparently solves everything because they never mention it again. It’s so over the top that it was a pretty funny scene. A character dies and no one bothers to call the police and to report it. The body is just happens to be laying there and the cops figure everything out about it. Those are just some of the weird decisions and moments in the script there’s more but, I can’t really go into much more for the sake of the review.

The best part that made me laugh the most is when they insert a Limp Bizkit song in a scene and a character talks how much they loved Limp Bizkit. That’s the most perfect product placement in anything known to man!

Overall, The Fanatic is terrible but, it’s not the worst. John Travolta gives it his all and that’s the most memorable part of it. The problem is that it’s boring and for a thriller that’s the last thing you want your movie to be. There’s weird moments in the script that will make you question why does any of this make sense. Trust me you don’t want to try and make any sense out of them because your just going to confuse yourself.

Verdict: Miss

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