Big Life Changes, Updates Galore!

Hey guys!

Hope all has been well as I’ve had a very busy last few months. I hadn’t really been around on the site and my last article was back in May. I got married two weeks ago and I had been in the process of moving to my new place so I hadn’t much time to sit down and review films.

While I was gone I didn’t have the chance to celebrate the first anniversary of the site. I can’t believe that it’s been a year already and this is something that I will be continuing as well. I also decided to do reviews of television shows that might catch my interest. I’ve never really been a television show guy as I’ve always been fascinated with films and cinema so binge watching a show or keeping up with the newest trends is still new to me. Honestly, it takes me a few years after a show has been aired that I get into something.

Anyways it’s good to get back to work as now I’ve got more time on my hands. I even have weekends off and on the day shift now at my job so I have even more time to write an article up.


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