Meeting Richard Brake

Richard Brake Phoo

Hey everyone, today I thought I would share a personal story of mine that just happened over the weekend of May 5-6. Every year in May I go to a horror convention in Seattle called Crypticon Seattle and this year was my sixth year going to the convention. Every year there is always an actor or film maker that I want to meet and every year I always get more excited at the guest announcements. This year was no different as the announcements kept coming.

I woke up one morning to see that Crypticon was bringing in Richard Brake. Now if you I read my reviews of the films that he has been apart of you can tell that I enjoyed his performances and he’s become one of my favorite actors. While he doesn’t have the biggest billing or parts in films, he always has important scenes or characters that are crucial to the story. For example, he’s best known for killing Batman’s parents in Batman Begins or being the Night King in Game Of Thrones.

So, to say I was excited would be an understatement and like I said before the guest list always features someone that I always want to meet. My fiancé and I got to the convention a little late and while I was getting the tickets all settled at will call I noticed a sign saying he was going to be leaving the convention a little earlier before close time. I told my fiancé that the first thing I wanted to do was meet him in case we got busy with something else then I might not be able to meet him.

We got up to his table and he was finishing up talking to another fan. In a way it was nice there wasn’t a line because that meant I was going to be able to talk to him for a bit. We also had quite the conversation. We talked about Ash Vs. The Evil Dead because of the shirt I was wearing and mostly about the film Doom. He told me that he had a great time working with The Rock on set. We got into a discussion about the announced reboot of Doom and he told me that his agent asked him if he wanted to be apart of it which he declined. He told his agent that he was in the original and didn’t want to be part of the remake. Towards the end of our conversation he told me it’s always nice for him to meet Doom fans. While Doom does have some problems, I do enjoy it and Richard Brake is the best part of it.

After that was done my fiancé and I went to his panel discussion with fellow actor Jeff Daniel Phillips who worked with Richard Brake on Rob Zombie’s 31. It was an interesting panel to attend as both actors talked about what got them into acting and some of the various roles and credits they have to their name. Richard Brake talked about how he got the Joe Chill role on Batman Begins and what it was like working with Christopher Nolan. He said that he had to go through four auditions just to get the role. It was interesting to hear that it took six hours to apply the Night King makeup for his Game Of Thrones role. It also took an additional two hours just to get all of it off.

Meeting people has become a hobby of mine and I’ve been going to conventions for a few years now. Autograph collecting is another thing I’m into and it won’t be stopping anytime soon. Meeting Richard Brake is in my top five of people I’ve met, and I hope he comes back to the area once again. If he’s coming to a convention near your city I would suggest you meet him as he’s a nice guy and a straight up professional when it comes to fans. I hope you enjoyed this post as I do like sharing them with you all!


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