What’s Going On In October

Hey everyone, hope all is well. September has gone by fast hasn’t it? Summer is officially over and now it’s on to my favorite season, fall. October is my favorite month of the year and it also has my favorite holiday Halloween. With Halloween we also have a celebration of horror and anything supernatural in entertainment.

Which gets me to the point. October’s theme is going to be Halloween related film reviews. It’s not all going to be horror related but, stuff you can watch on Halloween night. It can be certain suspense films that have a ghost story to it, family films with any of those elements, or comedy films that have spooky plot devices to them.

While you get those reviews the main feature of the month will be the A Nightmare On Elm Street Series. You are going to get a review of every film in the series and at the end I’ll have my ranking of all the films from worst to best. I’ll even throw in Freddy Vs. Jason in it since it feels more like a Freddy film then a Jason one.

That’s what’s on tap for October. I’m pretty excited for it and I can’t wait to start working on all the different projects. Thanks again for stopping by and checking out the reviews! I really appreciate it!


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