J.J Abrams Taking Over Star Wars Episode IX

Some big news coming out of Disney once again. In the last few months it seems like Disney is having problems with directors on the Star Wars franchise. Ron Howard is currently working on the Han Solo film. At least with Episode IX, it’s not even in production yet and everyone can start from scratch.

Colin Trevorrow was the slated director for the final installment of the new trilogy. Rumors going around are saying Trevorrow was being difficult to work with. Is that true? My guess is producer Kathleen Kennedy has something that she want’s to present and Trevorrow wants to go a different direction. It looks like the buck stops with Kennedy with all of the decisions relating to these films. Disney has to get it together when it comes to hiring directors.

Now J.J. Abrams is back to work on the last film of the trilogy. Abrams makes visually stunning films but, to me at least he plays it conservative when it comes to story telling. While I did enjoy Force Awakens, I can see where the criticism of being a soft reboot of A New Hope lies. Even look at Star Trek Into Darkness. Abrams will be writing this one as well and I have already seen the Return Of The Jedi jokes appear on social media.

Do you think this is a good move? Is Disney making the right decisions on changing directors for these films? I would like to hear your opinion on it in the comments section!


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