Coming Soon…Extended Edition!

Hey everyone! I hope you have been enjoying 90’s month and I can’t believe that it’s halfway through already! It’s been fun watching and reviewing all of these films and I’ll make sure I post a list of everything I have done for easy access and when I bring 90’s month back.

So on to the news part of this post. I have decided to add something I’m going to call Extended Edition. These will be video reviews. The written reviews will still be the main focus of the site. The point to the video reviews is to extend on topics I may have either forgotten or if I really feel strongly about a film I want to freely talk about it.

This will be starting up within the next few weeks for sure. I’m looking at cameras at the moment or might just use the computer camera for a bit. I’ll have more details up when I get my plan for it down.

Thank you once again for coming by and reading my reviews. I really appreciate the support and it’s been so much fun to work on these. I’ll have another review up soon and stay tuned for all of the news here at Henry’s Movie Reviews!



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