Face To Face With Pinhead: Meeting Doug Bradley

Today I thought I would share a personal story of mine that I thought would be fun to write about. While it’s not just a topic of movies but, it’s also an experience that I will never forget.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge horror fan and it’s probably my favorite genre. I grew up on horror movies and would always head to the horror section at the video store just to look at the covers. One of the covers that always got my attention was the Hellraiser franchise of films. All I could remember was how cool Pinhead looked. Of course, at the time my parents wouldn’t let a kid watch those types of horror movies so I would just keep coming back to look at the covers. When I finally saw the first Hellraiser I was instantly hooked and haven’t looked back since.

Fast forward many years later and a horror convention called Crypticon Seattle is set to make an announcement. This announcement is the reason why I would go to the 2017 version of the convention. Pinhead himself, Doug Bradley was set to be there! To me I had to go no matter what and meet the man himself. To say that I was excited was an understatement. He was a celebrity that I had on my list to meet for quite some time.

Was I nervous to meet him? The answer would be not really. I have met people before at conventions and you always have questions to ask so you kind of forget being nervous. Granted you do look back at it and wish you asked or said something else.


So, what did Doug Bradley and I talk about? I selected my photo from his table for him to sign and that started our conversation. The photo I chose was from a scene in Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth. When he was signing it, I told him that after the first film this was my favorite one in the series. He agreed with me on that. He told me that he felt that the second film has too much going on and the third one was simpler. He also felt the scene with the Cenobites taking on the doctor was too rushed and disappointing. In my opinion, even though I didn’t talk to him about it is I think he liked working on the third film because he could showcase his acting ability without being Pinhead. If you haven’t seen the first three Hellraiser films I suggest you do so.




Meeting Doug Bradley was an awesome experience. It’s always great seeing people you have seen in your favorite movies. Collecting their autographs has been a hobby of mine and I love going to different conventions. I have more stories of people I’ve met and can’t wait to share more of them.


The photo that Doug Bradley signed for me. This is my own work.




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