Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

When radiation from a satellite spreads on Earth, the dead rise. A group of people trapped in a farm house must work together to survive the night.

Director: George A. Romero

Cast: Duane Jones, Judith O’Dea, Karl Hardman, Marilyn Eastman, Keith Wayne, Judith Ridley

MPAA Rating: N/A

Fun Fact: Judith Ridley was supposed to have the role of Barbra.

Night Of The Living Dead was a ground breaking film when released in 1968. While not the first zombie film, it certainly one of the best. It kicked started the zombie craze that fans know and love today.

This film to me is one of the greatest horror films of all time. The feel of isolation is felt in this film. Civilization just feels so far away when everything is going on. While you want to root for the characters to succeed in their quest, in a way you don’t as well. Everyone in the film has their own agenda and no one can agree with what to do. You just want them to agree with what to do but, you soon realize that won’t ever happen.

Duane Jones and Karl Hardman lead the cast with well driven performances. The chemistry between the two is incredible. They play true adversaries to each other in trying to argue what the group needs to do. Hardman plays a villain type so well that you really start to dislike his character. Jones and Hardman were friends in life and you can tell through the chemistry in the performances. I’m glad that the film makers chose Judith O’Dea to be Barbra. She does so well being someone that slowly breaks down to insanity.

The effects on the zombies wrote the book in the makeup department. The one’s you see look disgusting and well done. Another fun fact was Tom Savini was supposed to do the makeup on the zombies. Just imagine how much different and interesting that would’ve been.

Overall Night Of The Living Dead is one of the greatest horror films of all time. It has a great premise, acting and make up effects. It’s everything you want to see in a horror film.

Verdict: Hit


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